Phone: +8801768517701 Email: Whole Sale BD Shop #25, 1st Floor, Khan Plaza 4 Sayed Awolad Hossain Lane Islampur, Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh


General Questions

Wholesale is a process where a person buys product in pacakges or lots to resell.

You have to message ur details order with ur location and contact details in Wholesale BD's page. After that you simply have to pay in Wholesale BD's bank account and ur order will sent in one day. You will receive a tracking no from Wholesale BD and get the order within one day.

We aim to nourish all kinds of clothing businesses. So no matter how small ur business is we always have a solution for you. For small business owners we provide small lots or packages in Wholesale price that requires very low amount of investments. We also provide some specific collections in pick and choose basis where you can take any amount of dresses in most reasonable price in town.

Wholesale BD sell all kind of imported Pakistani and Indian ladies outfits.

All our minimum quantities that are required to buy are mentioned in that collection's album and every picture description of that collection.

Yes, you have to buy full catalog to get Wholesale price. Because a collection have different price range dresses in it, we provide an average Wholesale price of each dress for purchase of full catalog.

We do not mention Wholesale price in public for sake of our customers. If we publish Wholesale price in public, it will hamper our Wholesale customer's ability to resell them.

Yes, we always provide best facilities possible for those customers who are interested to purchase in bulk.

Wholesale Showroom Address: Khan Plaza, 4 Sayed Awolad Hossain Lane (Lion Cinema Hall Lane), 1st Floor, Shop #25, Islampur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Owned by Owner)

We are open From 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Our Weekly holiday is Friday.

You will be very happy to know that now its so easy for you to find us. Simply go to google map, search Wholesale BD and there you will get to see our location as we have registered Wholesale BD's location pinpointed in google map. YOU will also be able to see the direction from ur location to our shop in google map and some road views of our location which will make it even more easier for you to find us.

Simply you have to message ur order details in Wholesale BD's website, after that you will get a bill. You will pay through western union. Wholesale BD always work in the best interest of their customers so ur order will be sent by EMS courier service as EMS courier service  provide lowest courier charges in Bangladesh.

Wholesale BD has an active  verified page in Google Plus, Wholesale BD also maintain a blogspot where you will be able to stay updated all the time. Wholesale BD maintains a youtube channel where you can see all our informative contents in one glance.

Just leave a message with ur order details with ur location and contact no in Wholesale BD's website and you are done.

Yes, all the information of our customers are highly confidential. Wholesale BD never reveal any kind of information about any of its customers to anyone as its is highly requested by our customers.

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